Website Evaluation

Our resident efficiency consultant, Andrew Jensen, provides the following high level, comprehensive website audits for corporations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, startups and small – mid sized businesses:

• Website usability audit: Addressing the user friendliness of the site
• Search experience optimization audit: Addressing the overall search engine optimization of the site
• Website analytics audit: Addressing Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and 3rd party analytics implementation
• Website code audit
• Website speed/page load audit
• Google AdWords account audit
• Bing Ads account audit
• Facebook Ads/Instagram Ads account audit

Whether you’re checking up on some “SEO work” done by a local marketing agency or you’re not sure if your website just might be a little baffling to some and difficult to navigate, our Second Opinion Website Evaluation™ service is what you need. Andrew has been providing thorough website audits to companies throughout the United States for 10 years and has the requisite broad experience to serve your company and its specific questions. You tell us what you’d like us to evaluate your website for, and we’ll let you know if we can do it.

Clients typically come to us searching for answers to one or more of the following questions:

1. Website visitors don’t appear to know how to navigate through my website. How can I improve my website?
2. I seem to be getting traffic to my website, but no one is buying or requesting a quote. Is there a reason for this?
3. What do you think of my current website design? Is it user friendly and appealing? Should I consider having it redesigned?
4. Why is my bounce rate in Google Analytics so high? What should I do to decrease my bounce rate?
5. Why are my web pages loading so slowly? Is this affecting the usability of my site?
6. My Google AdWords advertising spend is getting out of hand, but I have few results to show for it. Why?
7. Did the SEO company I just hired help or hurt my site? What did they do? Did they add spam elements to my site?
8. Why are my competitors thriving online while my company struggles to generate leads through the internet?
9. How can I improve the ways I measure if my website is truly working the way I hope it to be?
10. Why is my website not ranking for important search terms in Google?
11. How can I evaluate the performance of my employee/contractor managing my Google AdWords account?
12. I’ve made some SEO changes to my site. Are my changes going to help or hinder my rankings?

Our website evaluation services can address a single very specific concern, or we can probe more deeply into your website. When asking us to provide evaluation services, please be very specific with the nature of your need so we will know if our skill set is a good match for your request.

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At the conclusion of our website audit, we will deliver a report detailing our assessment of your website along with our clear recommendations for moving forward. Andrew will be available for a set period of time following the report delivery for consultation by phone, email or online meeting; for an additional fee, Andrew can make an in-person presentation at your company. Andrew travels nationwide.

Our audits are quite thorough (recent audits were 49 pages, 72 pages & 179 pages in length), and we require a time period of at least 45 days to examine the data and compile the report, assuming we have full access to website analytics & other vital accounts during that time period. Certain types of audits may require a 6 month retainer to ensure we have adequate data and firsthand observation of activity within the website and/or accounts under audit.

The pricing for our Website Audits begins at $4500.

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Note: Due to our project load, we are selective with any new projects we accept. The following are always welcome: referrals, nonprofit organizations, startups, and small to mid size businesses & corporations in need of long term services.