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Prestige Clear Walnut Hardwood Flooring

Rehmeyer Prestige Collection: clear Walnut hardwood flooring

This article features one of our clients, Rehmeyer Precision Millwork, Inc. Visit them online at or call them toll free at (888) 474-4047.

At Rehmeyer Wood Floors, we create flooring that will stand the test of time. Right here in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, we’ve developed our own numerous unique distressing techniques as well as our own Rehmeyer process for expertly finishing hardwood floors.

Whatever you’re looking for — from Custom-Milled, to Engineered or Solid Wood, a traditional look or something modern — we have high standards of quality that will ensure that you receive top-notch service, materials, and craftsmanship.


Since 1995, we’ve been serving our customers with exceptional quality hardwood floors. As much they appreciate their new floors, though, many of our customers say that our service is what sold them on our floors — and will keep them coming back. We’re still small enough to value every single customer and take our time to listen to detailed requests and create flooring with your desires in mind.

Hand scraped Walnut wide plank flooring with pegs

Hand scraped Walnut wide plank flooring with pegs

We do business with integrity and believe in the Golden Rule. We’re sure that you’ll more than appreciate the end product; we’ll make sure you enjoy the process, as well. Here at Rehmeyer, we give you our best and appreciate your business.


We always start with lumber that’s been milled from either reclaimed wood or sustainably and responsibly harvested new lumber. Our floors are typically ¾” solid hardwood unless we receive a special request for Engineered hardwood floors.

Whether you prefer clear lumber or a character-grade species, we will make sure that each board has been carefully examined and is well suited to whatever style you request.

Since we hand-pick each board for your individual order, we can offer a level of personalized service that few other companies can.


Rehmeyer Legacy Collection: White Oak hardwood flooring with soft edges

Rehmeyer Legacy Collection: White Oak hardwood flooring with soft edges

We mill your lumber right here in York County, Pennsylvania, mostly in-house at our state-of-the-art millworks.

In the 10,000 square feet where milling takes place, we have many pieces of equipment we depend on to precisely cut and size your floor boards as well as to create the tongue-and-grooved fittings.

Many of our Custom Collection floors also require hand-distressing techniques as well as our unique finishing process that’s completed one board at a time.

Even though each customer and each order reflects our commitment to quality service, materials, and craftsmanship, no two jobs are exactly alike.

You may choose from any of our 5 Custom Collections, with up to 11 possible species.

Rehmeyer Legacy Red Birch Foot Worn Flooring with Pegs

Rehmeyer Legacy Red Birch Foot Worn Flooring with Pegs

With so many styles and species from which to choose, we realize that you may have other ideas in mind: We actually specialize in what we call “Extreme Custom” floors, limited only by your imagination!

We’re confident that once you see our work, you’ll want to contact us at (888) 474-4047 about creating the wood floor of your dreams!

Rehmeyer Wood Floors

Rehmeyer Wood Floors offers a full range of custom milled and wide plank hardwood flooring. Rehmeyer’s flooring is all 3/4″ solid hardwood and sold unfinished, prefinished, or completely custom finished to suit your project.

Call Rehmeyer Wood Floors today toll free at (888) 474-4047 or visit their website at to learn more about their custom flooring services. Rehmeyer Wood Floors ships nationwide.

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