Search Engine Optimization

SEO sometimes carries with itself a questionable image. Hey, we get literally bombarded with “SEO spam” almost on a daily basis. Usually it’s an overseas “certified SEO company” asking us to outsource our SEO projects to them. They guarantee high rankings, fast turnaround, and hundreds of links. In reality, they probably take the money, spam a site and run. Some of the better ones just “stuff a site” with keywords and garbled content and then cross their fingers hoping you’ll be pleased.

We Don’t Outsource our SEO

seo cube towerOur policy toward this is straightforward: we don’t outsource our SEO. We do it all ourselves. We’ve worked on hundreds of websites; we study search engine behavior. We don’t toss our clients’ websites into the blender hoping to walk away with high profits while paying a few bucks an hour to someone who just learned the ten basic elements of site optimization. No, instead we treat each website we optimize with the famous Sozo loving tender care. And it shows. Companies from all around the world contact us for an hour here, several hours there of on the spot SEO consulting. They’ve got a big or small change to make to their website, they know whom to turn to.

SEO Implementation

Smaller clients oftentimes prefer us to get our hands dirty and implement the SEO recommendations we provide them. That’s perfectly fine with us. We’re here to serve, and we aim to please.

SEO Consultation

Larger clients prefer a website evaluation with SEO recommendations. Some hire us on a long term retainer basis to answer any questions/phone calls they send our way; others hire us on an hour here, an hour there basis. We’re perfectly fine either way. We strive to educate each client to help them to know what choices to make to improve their website’s ranking organically in search engines. If you have a question about SEO & rankings, you know exactly whom to turn to. We’re approachable, and we like it that way.

If we’ve won you over, don’t leave without requesting a quote. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Our Fees

Our fees for ongoing services are based on the level of services which you require. We typically require a minimum 6 month duration commitment.

Note: Due to our project load, we are selective with any new projects we accept. The following are always welcome: referrals, nonprofit organizations, startups, and small to mid size businesses & corporations in need of long term services.

Contact Us to Request a Quote

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