Maxtrix Children’s Furnishings for Creating Ideal Bedrooms

low loft castle bed with slide blueThis article features one of our clients, The Bedroom Source, a specialty furniture store for kids & teens with a showroom located at Carle Place in Long Island, New York. The Bedroom Source delivers to Long Island, the 5 Boroughs of New York City, Rockland, southern Connecticut, and northern New Jersey. Visit them online at or call them at (516) 248-0600.

What is an ideal bedroom for a child? If your answer starts with “that depends,” you’re right! The Maxtrix® System, featured in the showroom at The Bedroom Source of Carle Place, is designed with the many transitions and possibilities of childhood — and the unique dimensions of individual spaces — in mind.

Even still, there are some qualities that figure into any ideal child-friendly space, and we’re all over those. Like any good parent, we combine structure with flexibility, safety with whimsy, responsibility with creativity.

pink princess castle bed with slide and tower

Structure and Flexibility

In its most basic form, Maxtrix furniture includes a Bed with Storage pieces. All are constructed of solid natural wood. Our Basic Bed can be raised into a Loft Bed, or more than one can be combined to create a Bunk Bed. Our Dressers or Book Shelves can fit under a Loft or be used as free-standing furniture pieces when you add a crown and base kit.

Mid loft bed with desk

All our drawers are constructed of sturdy frames and include solid wood drawer boxes and soft-closing glides. Additional matching storage can come in the way of Under-Bed Storage (or even a Trundle Bed), Stackable Toy Chests, or even Bedside Trays or Wall Shelves.

girls bunk with yellow and green curtain

Safety and Whimsy

The solid-wood construction of Maxtrix furniture provides a safe and sturdy starting point. Unfortunately, such is not the norm for children’s furniture. The typical children’s bed is only intended to hold a child’s resting weight; by contrast, our beds are tested to support up to 800 pounds, which means they can hold a child and parent simultaneously. Unlike the usual 8 to 10 cheaply constructed plywood slats, our beds use 14 slats which are 3.5 inch solid wood (and a Slat Roll is included with each bed you purchase).

bunk bed chestnut

Even our Safety Rails are higher than most, and our Bunk Beds include safety options such as a Staircase (with built in drawers) or an Angled Ladder with safety Handrails. When you lift a Basic Bed into the air to create a Low, Mid, or High Loft Bed or any assortment of Bunk Bed options, the Maxtrix Leg Extensions and Rock-Lock Connections provide wobble-free stability.

All that safety doesn’t have to add up to a boring room, though! Our Under-Bed Curtains, Top Tents, Slides, and Towers can combine to transform a bare-bones bed into an adventurous escape!

toddler daybed for girls pink and white

Responsibility and Creativity

Parents who feel compelled to purchase high-quality products can also struggle with being responsible for their hard-earned money, not wanting to waste it on their children’s quickly-changing needs and tastes. With Maxtrix, they don’t have to choose! We make it possible to buy furniture that will both meet your children’s needs and offer creative solutions as your child’s needs and desires change.

If you move, add children to your family, or simple want to change things up a bit, the Maxtrix system won’t hamper your desire to re-create a room; instead, we specialize in re-arranging and re-creating.

High Loft natural wood

The Bedroom Source

With a huge specialty furniture showroom located near the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island, New York, The Bedroom Source is your source for the best collection of children’s and teen bedroom furniture. From flexibly configurable Maxtrix furniture to fashionable Berg & Smartstuff collections, The Bedroom Source offers high end furniture and professional design assistance to create the bedroom of your child’s dreams.

Contact the friendly staff at The Bedroom Source by calling (516) 248-0600 or by visiting We professionally assemble everything we sell. We deliver to Long Island, the 5 Boroughs of New York City, Rockland, southern Connecticut, and northern New Jersey.

Maxtrix® is a registered trademark of Maxwood Furniture.

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