Internet Marketing

It’s time to turn your website on overdrive. Let’s make something finally happen. Let’s go from a measly 200 hundred monthly visits to 2000 monthly visits, or from 200,000 to 2 million. And we’ve got the brainy and sometimes off-the-wall strategies you need.

Search Engine Advertising
Google Adwords & Bing Ads – we’re here to help. From evaluating current campaigns (does my current Adwords management company really know what they’re doing?) to providing strategies for improvement (both visitor retention & cheaper CPC), our search engine marketers know what they’re doing and are here to assist. We also offer full fledged campaign management. We operate complex campaigns for retail stores as well as Google Grant campaigns for nonprofit organizations and foundations.

Micro Marketing Websites
Some go so far as to call us the “Micro Site Experts.” We know what works and we know what doesn’t. We’ve been marketing products and services for clients through micro sites since our formative years. If you haven’t considered adding micro websites into your overall web marketing strategy, you’re missing out on the party. Examples of our micro marketing sites include this insurance agency microsite for Nicholas Insurance and J. Gibson McIlvain’s Ipe Lumber Outlet.

Marketing Blogs
Been trying to blog about your company’s services, but every effort you make appears lame and the traffic statistics keep your depression at an all time low? Try us and see if our zany blogging ideas might be the kick start you need to help spread the word for your business. We manage 60+ blogs. Here’s one we manage for a local insurance agency.

Social Networking
Everyone’s chattering today about social networking. Some companies have wisely integrated this into their internet marketing strategy while others have burned an awful lot of rubber going nowhere. We’ll advise regarding what you are doing and make recommendations regarding future steps to expand your company’s presence in the social stratosphere.

Third Party Website Advertising
When you’ve tried organic search, blogging, social networking and more, yet you still have that unquenchable hunger for more traffic, we’ll give our thinking caps a spin and seek out some innovative advertising on specific third party websites. The possibilities here are endless – well, limited primarily by your budget, of course!

Creative Web Marketing
Many clients drop a product or service into our lap and ask the simplest question: What can you do to make this work for me? We love those moments. That’s when we go into overdrive ourselves and dream up – sometimes – the craziest marketing plans. But, crazy ideas aside, our clients seem to love us so something must be working. Drop us a line, share your “problem,” and we’ll see what we can do.

Our Fees

Our fees for ongoing services are based on the level of services which you require. For ongoing services we typically require a 6 month duration commitment.

Contact Us to Request a Quote

Note: Due to our project load, we are selective with any new projects we accept. The following are always welcome: referrals, nonprofit organizations, startups, and small to mid size businesses & corporations in need of long term services.