Google AdWords Campaign Management

Have you wondered where your website traffic has gone? If you’ve been strictly relying on how well your business website ranks organically in order to drive the leads and sales your company needs to survive, perhaps it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Search Traffic Is Being Redirected to Paid Listings

website analytics chartsDid you know that comparatively less commercial search traffic each year is clicking on organic search results? With Google searches of commercial intent (where a user is searching to buy a product or service), the bulk of user clicks are funneled into the central top three AdWords. This leaves just a small percentage of the remaining traffic to click on organic listings. If your business does not have an ad present within the top 3 ad placements on your most targeted keywords, that means one thing: Your competition is capturing the leads which your company needs in order to grow.

We Offer High Level, Intensive Ad Management

At Sozo Creative, we offer high level, intensive ad management for Google AdWords and Bing Ads. We’re members of Google Engage for Agencies, and we’ve handled ad campaigns for online furniture stores, electronics & technology stores, construction companies, service companies, medical organizations, charitable foundations and nonprofits, churches and community organizations.

Whether you are advertising in an extremely competitive niche with $18-$30 costs per click or you have ventured into Google Remarketing, our ad specialists will bring their years of experience to the table to help your Pay-Per-Click campaigns move to the next level in performance.

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Pricing for SEM Campaign Management

For Google Adwords & Bing Ads campaign management, our fees are based on the level of ongoing ad management which you require for your campaign. We typically require a 6 month duration commitment.

The amount of ad management time per week which you select is the amount of time which we guarantee one of our ad specialists will work with your account on a weekly basis. Unlike some agencies, we don’t sit back and ignore your AdWords account while collecting payment from you. We diligently and actively work with your account each week for the amount of time which you contract with us.

Contact us today to learn how Sozo Creative can help your business or organization successfully capture more targeted leads online.

Note: Due to our project load, we are selective with any new projects we accept. The following are always welcome: referrals, nonprofit organizations, startups, and small to mid size businesses & corporations in need of long term services.

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