ER Sentinel Logo Design

Custom logo design for ER Sentinel, a product developed by a small business based out of New Freedom, Pennsylvania. … [Read more...]

Christian Ministry Logos

Several logo concepts designed for Brandy Shiloh Ministries. If your church or Christian ministry is seeking a fresh logo, don’t hesitate to give the Sozo Creative design team a call. We’re here to serve! … [Read more...]

Vision for Life Logos

Logo design sheet created for Vision for Life, an organization headed by Brandy Shiloh. … [Read more...]

Christian Non Profit Logo

Custom logo concept sheet developed by the Sozo Creative design team for a Christian ministry. … [Read more...]

School Flash Drives Logos

Logo concept sheet developed for an upcoming site redesign for, a micro marketing site of CFgear which targets schools looking for flash drives for fundraisers or for student project sharing. … [Read more...]

Business School Logo Design

Custom logo designs developed for, a business school review and tip website which is part of the network. … [Read more...]

Logo Brand Concepts

Logo concept sheet for a new business. … [Read more...]

Logo Concept Sheet

One of the first steps a graphic designer will take when helping you develop a logo for your business or organization is to develop a logo concept sheet. A logo concept sheet will include several variations of a logo. One or two particular designs may catch your eye, and you may want to then have created a concept sheet based only on those one or two particular designs which you like. This second logo concept sheet will help narrow down exactly what variation and style you’d like your logo to become. At Sozo Creative, we offer full logo creation services. … [Read more...]