About Sozo Creative

Sozo Creative is the web design division of Sozo Firm Inc, a business consulting & marketing firm based in New Freedom, Pennsylvania. We offer website design services as well as a full range of digital and print graphic design services.

Contact us at any time to schedule an appointment to meet with our director, Andrew Jensen. Andrew can meet with you at your office or at one of our favorite Starbucks or Panera Bread restaurants.

With a convenient location between Baltimore and York, PA, we frequently serve local clients in Pennsylvania’s York & Lancaster counties as well as in Maryland’s Baltimore & Harford counties. Much of our web development and graphic design work is done for our national clients which are scattered throughout the United States.

A Little History behind Sozo Creative

Sozo Firm’s roots go all the way to early 2004 in Fallston, Maryland when it began as Andrew Jensen’s personal tech consulting business. While more of a side hobby at first, his consulting business was christened with the name Sozo Creative in August of 2005.

On a side note, some might consider “Sozo Creative” as being almost redundant since “Sozo” is Japanese for “creative,” but it’s also Greek for “liberated, set free.”

In February of 2007, the “Sozo Creative” brand was set aside to be replaced by “Sozo Firm.” As the personal consulting business transformed into a company with a couple employees, we made the choice to incorporate as Sozo Firm Inc in February of 2008.

In the fall of 2008, as part of a strategy to expand the design & development services offered by Sozo Firm, the Sozo Creative brand was chosen to receive fresh life. Sozo Creative was chosen to focus primarily on the creative (ie print & digital graphic design and web development) aspect while the primary brand, Sozo Firm, was chosen to focus more on the intellectual side (nonprofit & small to mid-sized business consulting). In December 2011, additional Sozo brands were chosen to focus on our internet marketing, photography, videography and copywriting services.

We continue to remain a small business, but we dream big when it comes to helping our clients succeed. And they do.

About Sozo Firm Inc

Founded in 2004 & led by entrepreneur Andrew Jensen, Sozo Firm Inc provides business consulting & strategic marketing services to companies & non-profit organizations worldwide. From business efficiency consulting to competitor analysis to innovative web based marketing strategies, Sozo Firm has provided consultant & research services to companies managed by former AOL & Yahoo executives, a Forbes top 5 company, a leading international health care company, government contractors, web design companies & ad agencies (for their clients), manufacturing companies, startups, 100+ nonprofits, and more.