A Purposeful Approach to Your Child’s Bedroom Furniture

white storage loftThis article features one of our clients, The Bedroom Source, a specialty furniture store for kids & teens with a showroom located at Carle Place in Long Island, New York. The Bedroom Source delivers to Long Island, the 5 Boroughs of New York City, Rockland, southern Connecticut, and northern New Jersey. Visit them online at www.BedroomSource.com or call them at (516) 248-0600.

From planning theme parties to decorating rooms, sometimes it’s hard to find everything you need from a single source. Once in a while, a hodge-podge creation ends up looking fabulous! Even when it does, assembling it takes time. And luck. And an extra dose of patience.

For those gamblers out there, you can hope for all the stars to align as you try to gather bedroom furniture pieces from a variety of sources. You may, after all, hit the jackpot!

For those who want a safer bet, there’s the Maxtrix® Children’s Furniture System, featured at the Bedroom Source’s Long Island showroom, with each piece intentionally designed to function together.

low loft with slide and study desk

Furniture Options

low loft castle bed with slide brownThe basic building block of the entire Maxtrix System is the namesake of your child’s bedroom: The Basic Bed. From that starting point, you can build a changeable conglomeration of furnishings and accessories that meet your child’s current needs but can be rearranged as those needs morph and change.

Our Maxtrix Dressers, Book Cases, and Desks can easily slide under a Loft Bed or just stand alone, elsewhere in the room. Even our Bunk Beds include an option of a Staircase that doubles as added storage, with each step functioning as a pull-out drawer.

It is possible for your child to survive in a small bedroom and keep clothing, toys, and other stuff put away — you simply need the right storage system. When that storage cooperates with necessary furnishings, you have an ideal kid’s bedroom solution in place.

low loft castle bed with slide blue

Fun Accessories

bed stairs double as dresser drawersWe’re talking children’s furnishings here, so we have to think beyond the nuts-and-bolts necessities and consider practicality and safety. Instead of cheaply made and disconnected bed tents and other additions, you can purchase high-quality Maxtrix accessories so your child’s bedroom can easily double as a play room, during the day.

Our Maxtrix Under-Bed Curtains can make the space under your child’s Loft Bed a prime spot for pretend play, creating safe hide out without messing up a bed or creating chaos in the living room.

If you have a 2-story fantasy in mind, a Top Tent can complement a Tower and Slide for optimum play potential. What kid doesn’t want to slide down from bed in the morning? What an easy way to get rid of “waking up on the wrong side of the bed”!

girls bunk twin over full

Freedom to Change

inside loft bed play areaEach option you choose is just that — an option. And once you make a decision, you aren’t stuck with it. If you decide to put an Under-Bed Curtain up but later change your mind, you can simply take it down.

If you have a Dresser situated next to a Basic Bed but want a more compact furniture arrangement, you can use our Leg Extensions to raise the bed to a Loft and put the Dresser underneath the Loft bed, providing added space for other furnishings or activities.

Maybe you want to add a Trundle Bed for guests, instead of taking up an entire room with a guest bed — or create a Triple Bunk Bed to allow another bedroom to be used exclusively for play or study space. Whatever you decide, you’re free to change your mind, with Maxtrix furnishings.

With our Maxtrix System, there’s nothing haphazard about it: Every piece is designed intentionally, in order to coordinate with the entire system. Best of all, each of our furniture options and fun accessories include freedom to change.

high loft natural wood

Learn more about Maxtrix furniture:

The Bedroom Source

With a huge specialty furniture showroom located near the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island, New York, The Bedroom Source is your source for the best collection of children’s and teen bedroom furniture. From flexibly configurable Maxtrix furniture to fashionable Berg & Smartstuff collections, The Bedroom Source offers high end furniture and professional design assistance to create the bedroom of your child’s dreams.

Contact the friendly staff at The Bedroom Source by calling (516) 248-0600 or by visiting www.BedroomSource.com. We professionally assemble everything we sell. We deliver to Long Island, the 5 Boroughs of New York City, Rockland, southern Connecticut, and northern New Jersey.

Maxtrix® is a registered trademark of Maxwood Furniture. Learn more at maxtrixkids.com.

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