3 Premium Options for Custom, Hand-Scraped Flooring

Rehmeyer Authentic Hand Scraped Hickory Flooring with Wood Pegs

Rehmeyer Authentic Hand Scraped Hickory Flooring with Wood Pegs

This article features one of our clients, Rehmeyer Precision Millwork, Inc. Visit them online at rehmeyerfloors.com or call them toll free at (888) 474-4047.

At Rehmeyer, our flooring is not mass-produced wood flooring planks with repetitive distressed-look markings and replicated wear. Instead, each of our floors — and even each board — is a unique creation, suitable for framing.

We have three basic collections that utilize our hand-distressing techniques: our Authentic Hand-Scraped Collection, our Old Trail Collection, and our Legacy Collection. While each uses our hand-distressing techniques, we’ll look at what makes each of these collections distinct.

Authentic Hand-Scraped Collection

Our Authentic Hand-Scraped Collection is truly our pride and joy! The application of an Accent Color, in combination with our tried-and-true hand-distressing and scraping techniques, helps us create both the look and the feel of a gently worn floor that has a story to tell. As the customer, you will get to choose from 4 colors of pre-stain, which will then be all-but removed during the hand-scraping step. The Accent Color will be left to accentuate character marks and outline each plank in a way that’s simply breathtaking.

Rehmeyer Old Trail Rustic Walnut Flooring with Pegs

Rehmeyer Old Trail Rustic Walnut Flooring with Pegs

Our sanding process stops short of flattening out the face, providing a smooth but interesting surface. All this is done by real manpower, one board foot at a time. (Our expert craftsmen can accomplish a maximum of 50 to 60 board feet per day, making this our most labor-intensive flooring option.)

Additional options we recommend with this collection include our raised & shaped Time-Worn Pegs, for which we use a mortiser to create peg holes before hand-gluing each hand-shaped peg into place.

Old Trail Collection

Our Old Trail Collection begins similarly to our Authentic Hand-Scraped Collection, with your choice of an Accent Color for pre-staining. This time, though, we aim to provide the look of time-worn flooring, but not the feel of it. The face remains flat, but the accent color provides a multi-dimensional appearance.

In addition to the visual depth provided, our craftsmen use hand tools to add character to the natural character of the premium lumber that we use. After that, the sanding process leaves the Accent Color to highlight both original and added character marks, including grain and gouges, knots and scrapes.

Rehmeyer Legacy Red Birch Foot Worn Flooring with Pegs

Rehmeyer Legacy Red Birch Foot Worn Flooring with Pegs

For those opting for our Old Trail Collection flooring, we suggest adding the option of raised & shaped Time-Worn Pegs, which also complements our Authentic Hand-Scraped Flooring.

The Legacy Collection

Our Legacy Collection combines some of the elements of our Authentic Hand-Scraped and Old Trail Collection flooring, while also utilizing some labor-saving methods. By offering this option, we make our high-quality wood flooring accessible to some who might not otherwise be able to afford it. Again, we begin with applying an Accent Color and use the same hand-scraping methods for some of the distressing.

We also do use some hand-held power tools to speed up the distressing process, providing a genuine-looking foot-worn appearance. The combination of sanding and scraping techniques allows the face to achieve both the look and feel of a foot-worn floor, but at a cost significantly lower than our Authentic Hand-Scraped Collection.

Rehmeyer Wood Floors

Rehmeyer Wood Floors offers a full range of custom milled and stock wide plank hardwood flooring. Rehmeyer’s flooring is all 3/4″ solid hardwood and sold unfinished, prefinished, or completely custom finished to suit your project.

Call Rehmeyer Wood Floors today toll free at (888) 474-4047 or visit their website at RehmeyerFloors.com to learn more about their custom flooring services. Rehmeyer Wood Floors ships nationwide.

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